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DE1250 Wireless Digital Endoscope Camera

Firefly DE1250 is the industry’s first wireless compact digital Endoscope Camera with image and video capture capabilities.  It provides unprecedented viewing convenience with popular rigid and flexible endoscopes.  Besides endoscopic examinations, this powerful tool can also be used for teaching applications, for EMR (Electronic Medical Records) as well as for patient education.  Unlike older endoscope cameras, the DE1250 delivers these breakthrough capabilities - and much more - at a highly economical cost

Sophisticated Software

DE1250 is controlled directly with the FireflyPro professional image processing software which is bundled with the product. This state-of-the art software enables users to capture, store, recall, view, and manipulate images and videos in real time. Its intuitive interface empowers users to get right to work anytime and anywhere.

 Includes Wireless Receiver

DE1250 Video


  • Completely wireless operation

  • Captures snapshots & videos

  • Compatible with rigid endoscopes and most flexible endoscopes

  • Ideal for ENT, teaching, and veterinary applications

  • Magnifies objects up to 35x optically and up to 100x digitally

Optional TV Kit

Using the optional ES160 TV Kit, a standard LCD/LET TV can also be used to display images and videos being streamed from the DE1250

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