SunTech Vet20 BP Monitor

The portable SunTech® Vet20TM quickly and easily provides reliable blood pressure (BP) measurements on awake companion animals, ensuring a simpler assessment process for veterinarians and their staff members.



  • Vet20 System Monitor,
  • Protective Armour (Flamingo Pink or Peacock Blue)
  • Veterinary Blood Pressure Cuffs Sizes 1-6
  • AC Adapter


More Details

SunTech Vet20 BP Monitor


Reliable: SunTech's motion-tolerant technology creates a high success rate for BP readings.

Simple to Use: Intuitive, touch screen interface has all necessary features for reviewing and analyzing BP data.

Accurate: BP algorithm was specifically developed for companion animals by experts at a leading vet school.

Silent: Device quietly measures BP and alarms may be silenced to avoid frightening the animal.

Fast: Take multiple measurements in a matter of minutes!

Portable: Battery-powered device can be easily moved between exam rooms

Memory: The Vet20’s advanced memory ensures data is always retained when the device is powered off.

Averaging:Users can select specific measurements from the device memory and perform automated BP averaging.