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Portable Ultrasound System

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Portable ultrasound system for point-of-care applications in any setting

With high-resolution image quality, intuitive touch interface, and simplified workflow, the Konica Minolta SONIMAGE MX1 Ultrasound System enables physicians to make a confident diagnosis, provide therapeutic needle guidance, and monitor rehabilitation. The light weight, compact system can be used for MSK, anesthesia and pain management exams in outpatient services, offices and any remote setting.

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Pain Management and Biologic Injections
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SNV™ Simple Needle Visualization software in the MX1 System uses an advanced algorithm combining in-plane and out-of-plane methods to improve needle visibility. The SNV feature lets you increase your accuracy in needle placement, making it the ideal solution for guided injections in pain management and biologic injections. The out-of-plane method is especially beneficial in steep needle approaches in joints such as the knee.

Needle visualization for rapid, confident decisions

Needle visualization is essential for accurate and successful ultrasound guided procedures. From regional anesthesia to biologic injections, ultrasound not only images the anatomical structures but also highlights the advancing needle. Simple Needle Visualization (SNV™) software, available with the SONIMAGE® HS1 and SONIMAGE® MX1 Ultrasound Systems, provides greater needle visibility of both the tip and shaft for confident needle placement.

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Needle visualization for rapid, confident decisions

Konica Minolta ultrasound systems provide the accessibility and clinical confidence you need to make informed decisions at the point-of-care. Our ultrasound imaging solutions build economic value with a low total cost of ownership, improved workflow and reimbursable procedures. Our systems enhance patient satisfaction with immediacy of information and reduced patient wait times.

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Meeting the diverse and demanding needs of the point-of-care environment
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The SONIMAGE® MX1 transducers meet the needs of the point-of-care practitioner. Compatible with our SONIMAGE HS1 advanced imaging ultrasound system, the MX1 System transducers offer ergonomic handling and high resolution image quality. The transducers are backed by a 5 year warranty.

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Konica Minolta POC Transducers balance the trade-off between resolution and penetration, allowing superior imaging in both the near and far fields.

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