Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitors
Equine Blood Pressure Monitors
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Vet25E & VET30E
The SunTech Vet25E & Vet30E Equine Blood Pressure Monitors feature an equine specific blood pressure algorithm that was developed over several months in conjunction with a leading veterinary school. Both of the monitors can be used to accurately measure blood pressure on awake and minimally sedated animals, or in the operating room. The SunTech Vet30E allows for temperature and pulse oximetry measurement, in addition to blood pressure. The Vet30E comes with a rectal temperature probe, a rectal SpO2 sensor, and a Y-lingual SpO2 sensor for application on the tongue or lips of the patient. Both monitors come with 8 cuffs, including sizes 1-6 that are typically used on small animals and 2 larger sizes for horse tails. The Vet25E and Vet30E have both small animal and equine modes, so they can be used on animals from a kitten to a Clydesdale.
The equine specific algorithm on the Vet25E and Vet30E had to be fine-tuned for the differences between equine and canine/feline populations. In addition to adjusting the blood pressure algorithm, the heart rate range was increased. The new range has a lower minimum heart rate of 15 beats per minute to accommodate the lower heart rates that can be found in equine patients.
"from a kitten to a Clydesdale"
The feedback we’ve gotten from equine Veterinarians is that it is difficult to get accurate and reliable blood pressure readings. Our non-invasive BP monitors are great for measuring blood pressure on awake or minimally sedated animals, but they can also be very useful in the operating room. It is important to have a backup measurement technique for blood pressure, in case issues arise with the arterial line.
The equine specific algorithm is fine-tuned for use in large animal populations and features a lower hear rate range than our canine and feline modes.
The three different modes allow the monitors to be used on a wide variety of patient sizes (from Kitten to 2,000+lb horses).
Easy to move and transport whether it's being used in the field, in a stall, or in the operating room.
Can be used to measure blood pressure on awake or anesthetized horses.
The Bluetooth communication allows you to send data from the monitor to a PC to save data and generate reports or charts.
Intuative UI
The simple user interface of the monitors means you can spend less time training or setting up and more time focusing on the patient.
Just apply a cuff to the base of the horse's tail. Switching animal modes is as simple as pressing a button!
The programmable intervals means that you can measure blood pressure periodically throughout the procedure without pressing the start button each time.
At 960 data points, the memory is large enough to store data from procedures of all legths.