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SureSigns VSV

   Vital Signs Viewer

The Simplest Way to Be...

Central surveillance is valuable wherever you are monitoring patients, but installing and managing a complex network and central station isn’t always practical – or feasible. That’s why Philips developed the SureSigns VSV - an affordable, reliable, and simple vital
signs viewer for SureSigns VM Series patient monitors. The VSV provides the benefits of central viewing and alarming without the complexity and expense of a traditional PC-based central station. In fact, with the VSV, you can add central monitoring to your department for about the cost of a single VM Series monitor.

Everywhere at once

Basic central viewing and alarming.

Surveillance and safety for your patients:
Central viewing and alarming can beneá¼€t any care area with a high patient-to-caregiver ratio. Having a clear picture of every patient’s status, at a single glance, keeps patients safe and relieves stress on nursing staff. The VSV displays vital signs data and one waveform for up to 12 patients. Audible and visual alarms from the connected monitors are sent to the VSV, and bedside alarms can be
temporarily silenced from the VSV. The VSV also provides alarm output to a nurse call system.


Designed for quick installation and easy support: Built on the proven SureSigns monitoring platform, the VSV is easier to set up, use, and support than typical PC-based central stations. The VSV is simple to install and includes everything you need to get started right away: a keyboard,

mouse, USB hub, and 16-port router. All you do is supply the network cables. Training time is minimized for clinical
and technical users already familiar with the SureSigns user interface. Just like the SureSigns monitors, software upgrades for the VSV can be downloaded from the Internet and easily installed via a USB flash drive. And, because most VSV parts are shared with the VM Series monitors,
hardware support is simplified.