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Proven, simple system bridges the distance in healthcare 
RemetricHealth provides Physician groups, hospitals, home health agencies, and payers with remote, real-time biometric monitoring and management tools and telehealth services to assess patients remotely between visits, improving outcomes and helping to reduce acute events, emergency department visits, and hospital readmissions.
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RemetricHealth Solution Steps


Easy to use Medical Devices - Bluetooth-enabled, patient friendly medical devices capture biometric data, symptoms, and medication adherence
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HIPPAA-Compliant Web Portal - Bluetooth devices wirelessly transmit data to Remetric Health's secure, HIPPA Compliant Web Portal
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Monitor and Engage - Actionable insights are delivered to clinical staff enabling timely interventions. Leverage the program's real-time date, live stream video conferencing, and patient education to engage patients and improve outcomes.
Simple Solutions

RemetricHealth's clients benefit from simple devices and easy interfaces to interact remotely with patients, monitor their health, and ensure continuity of care.

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Plug and Play for patients

All-inclusive kits require no technology expertise for patient to use them quickly and effectively.

RemetricHealth's Biometric  Devices
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