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Reimagine Medical Image Management

For more than 30 years, Freeland Systems has been at the forefront of innovating and refining medical imaging informatics. AccessPoint® GO and the AccessPoint connected clinical systems are more than just a PACS, they’re comprehensive imaging solutions.

AccessPoint® GO is the shortest distance between two points: your imaging devices and your patient studies. A streamlined cloud gateway about the size of a deck of cards, that draws a straight line to hassle-free access to your clinical images for interpretation and peer collaboration.

Designed to be fast, efficient, and comprehensive, AccessPoint® GO and the AccessPoint family of PACS products transition your studies smoothly from modality to interpretation, reporting, finalizing, and even sharing with clients and referring physicians with StudyShare.

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Access Point Go Overview

AccessPoint solutions are vendor neutral, so we are compatible with your current equipment and constantly working to lead the way with what is new, ensuring future compatibility.

While meeting and exceeding privacy and security guidelines, your images and cineloops transfer quickly from the machine, through your AccessPoint® GO gateway and are hosted in the cloud.

Simply connect each of your modalities to an AccessPoint® GO direct-to-cloud gateway and you can be up and running in minutes. Image access and optional reporting are web-based so there is no software to install and maintain.

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AccessPoint Cloud is our zero-footprint viewer, that is accessible from any internet browser. Whether you are on your desktop computer in the clinic, to your smartphone on vacation. Images and reports that were securely transferred via AccessPoint® GO, and archived on our servers are available to be viewed, saved to an EMR, or emailed to colleagues and patients with StudyShare. Eliminating CDs.

Instructional Videos
Instructional Videos
APG Gateway DICOM Device Setup
APG Gateway DICOM Network Setup
APG Gateway WIFI Setup

AccessPoint® GO Gateway

  • Easily installs anywhere – about the size of a deck of cards

  • Securely transports imaging studies from your modalities to the AccessPoint® Cloud

  • Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) image review, distribution and archiving


  • Quickly share patient studies with referring physicians and patients via encrypted links

  • Comply with ONC’s new CURES Act that requires you to provide patients with access to their health data

  • Never burn referral disks again – ever!

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