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Care Kits are unique, condition-specific solutions that provide patients step-by-step curriculum and tools for successful self-care.

Studies of patients in their own environments revealed barriers to patient wellness and gaps in other approaches. Based on these insights, Care Kits are designed with proprietary curriculum, tools and professionally vetted devices--all in one package.

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15 years of studies sayCare Kits achieve the outcomes providers need in the new healthcare system— more effective than traditional approaches.

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A Care Kit Program helps professionals facilitate patient learning and behavior change. You will see:

  • Independent, successful patients

  • Substantially lower readmissions

  • Higher satisfaction scores

  • Lower overall costs

                         ...a dramatically improved Patient Experience!

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50+ Condition-Specific Wellness, Discharge, and Chronic Care Kits

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CURRICULUM The latest clinical standards and adult learning principles:


  • The patients’ own vocabulary

  • 4th grade reading level

  • Action-oriented, step-by-step

  • Tied to goals, using humor, metaphors and graphics to convey concepts


TOOLS Proprietary items such as: Checklists, food posters, magnet boards, and other guides that highlight target behaviors while Log Books track actions and measure results.


DEVICES Essential instruments as needed for success, like scales, BP monitors, pulse oximeters, thermometers, and more!

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You have a better chance of staying out of the hospital with a Care Kit—as much as 74% better—so say fourteen tests at major medical institutions! A Care Kit has everything you need in one place to manage your self-care. Only what you need. All of it Step-by-Step. Name brand hospital systems and health plans use Care Kits to improve patient care, reduce readmissions, improve member satisfaction and reduce overall costs. That’s the triple aim in healthcare.

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