Checking Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

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Oscar 2


SunTech Medical®, a company with a twenty year history in blood pressure technology, presents the Oscar 2™ system for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM). ABPM is considered the gold standard  for measuring blood pressure by clinics worldwide.


Tango M2

Cardiac Stress Blood Pressure

During stress testing, reliability and accuracy go hand-in-hand. Recording an accurate and reliable BP measurement at the correct intervals during a test can be difficult and stressful for clinicians and lab technicians. That’s why the Tango M2 can be programmed to take an accurate reading at the proper time and initiate readings at the precise moment during each stage, increasing reliability of the measurements. Designed to be used with our Orbit-K Cuff , the Tango M2 utilizes our proprietary DKA algorithm, which provides exceptional performance in the difficult environment of the stress lab.

Disposable Medical Covers to combat cross contamination


Disposable BP Cuff Cover

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An affordable single use cover for blood pressure cuffs designed to be disposed after each single use. The Cuff-Guard is made from medical grade Tyvek making it heavy duty and impervious to blood and other bodily fluids. The blood pressure cuff is placed into the Cuff-Guard, similar to envelope.   LEARN MORE


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Made out of clear, latex free, and soft poly-tubing. Our Tourniquet-Cover is used in surgical and EMS settings to prevent cross-contamination. Blood and bodily fluids regularly contaminate tourniquets or vascular covers. LEARN MORE


Arm Guard image.jpg

Made out of clear, latex free, and soft poly-tubing. The Arm-Guard comfortably slides over the thumb and forearm and uses an elastic band to ensure it does not slide down over time.   LEARN MORE


Arm Cover Bowen Med.png

Our Arm-Cover is a new, fast, and easy to use blood pressure cuff sleeve. Made out of clear, latex free, and soft poly-tubing, it is lightweight and breathable.  LEARN MORE



Blood Pressure plus Vital Signs

Driven by SunTech’s market-leading Advantage™ BP technology, the new SunTech CT40 is the ideal, affordable solution for clinical-grade spot-check measurements of blood pressure plus vital signs in hospitals and clinics. Ambulatory care, long-term care and low-acuity hospital departments can easily implement this versatile, user-friendly vital signs device that delivers SunTech clinical-grade performance, advanced features and digital connectivity.

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Veterinary Blood Pressure


VET 20

Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

Replacing the standard Doppler device, the SunTech Vet20 takes just a matter of minutes to obtain results and requires no gel or shaving. Developed in conjunction with experts from leading veterinarian schools, the user-friendly touch screen makes this device simple to use and requires little to no training. In an effort to manage nervous animals, this monitor is extremely quiet, with the option to turn off alarms and audible indicators.

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VET 25

Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

Utilizing SunTech Medical’s trusted, animal-specific Advantage VET BP technology, the Vet25 performs motion-tolerant BP measurements, delivering accurate results with no shaving or gel. The Vet25 is light, portable, and small enough to carry between rooms, making it convenient for both patients and providers. The monitor is battery operated and can also be powered by a universal A/C adapter that recharges the battery when plugged in. Using Bluetooth, BP data can be transferred to the trending and reporting PC application that comes standard with the Vet25.

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VET 30

Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

Combining SunTech Medical’s trusted BP technology with pulse oximetry and temperature monitoring, the SunTech Vet30 Veterinary Monitor gives veterinarians an accurate, portable, and easy to use monitor to perform procedural and continuous non-invasive monitoring on dogs and cats before, during, and after procedures.

Equine Blood Pressure Monitor

VET 25E & VET 30E

Equine Blood Pressure Monitor

The SunTech Vet25E & Vet30E Equine Blood Pressure Monitors feature an equine specific blood pressure algorithm that was developed over several months in conjunction with a leading veterinary school. Both of the monitors can be used to accurately measure blood pressure on awake and minimally sedated animals, or in the operating room.