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California Medical Weight Management is a paradigm-altering medical weight loss company offering a brand-new way for medical clinics to seamlessly incorporate a turnkey end to end weight loss system within their existing practice. Average weight loss for women and men is 18-20 and 20-23 pounds lost per month, respectively. The system includes a comprehensive Three Step weight loss program, complete line of branded products, as well as established protocols and procedures. In addition, we train all clinic staff including the physicians, administrative personal, and all other on-site medical professionals. Complete Clinic Setup and rollout. The Company’s strategic advantage comes from its proven rapid weight loss ecosystem, proven marketing ability and system infrastructure.


Cmwm Has Helped

Over 60,000 People

Achieve Significant

Weight Loss


The Company’s continued success with real and rapid results coupled with behavioral modifications and disruptive cost distinction has allowed it to attract an increasing number of patients in recent years:  The business model will continue to grow in the future, as 73% of the US population is obese or overweight, with ten million at a severely obese state. According to CDC, half of the total annual health care cost in the US is obesity related.

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Initial visit by patients to CMWM clinic can be viewed as an opportunity to assess and improve health condition. Initial assessment of medical problems such as pre diabetes, diabetes, sleep apnea, thyroids and other abnormalities in most cases improve while on CMWM program. Medically supervised rapid weight loss by CMWM not possible by traditional diet programs like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem.

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