Protects eyes and face against liquids and dust. A full face shield offers maximum protection on all sides of the face, protecting eyes, nose and mouth from contact with liquids and dust. LATITUDE is not impact resistant nor intended for use against open flames or sparks.

Protective Shield

Anti-fog  anti-static coating provides clear, unobstructed view through clear film. Lightweight and optically clear. Effective for use against liquids and dust.

Maximum Protection

Complete coverage including the sides of the face preventing all contact with eyes, mouth, and nose

Adjustable Head Strap

Elastic Headband allows for a custom fit no matter the size of the head and face.

Comfortable and Functional

LATITUDE comes with a comfortable foam headband. It also easily goes over glasses or goggles. LATITUDE is Latex, Fiberglass and Distortion Free.



Anti Static

Product # 32031704

400 Face Shields / Case

Latitude Plus (USA), Anti-Static, Anti-Fog, Head Strip Face Shield. 


Not Anti-Static

Product # 32031693

400 Face Shields / Case

Latitude Standard (USA), Not Anti-Static or Anti-Fog, Head Strip Face Shield. 

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