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Reusable Face Mask embedded with FUZE permanent antimicrobial finishing. This mask reduces the risk of contact with dangerous microbes such as virus, bacteria, mold, and fungus.


  • Soft, Double layer Design
  • Comfortable, Breathable Fabric
  • Reusable - Washable more than 100x
  • Imbedded with FUZE Antibacterial Treatment
    • Kills Harmful Pathogens
    • Kills Mold and Fungus
    • Enhances Evaporation
    • UVS/UVB Protection
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What is FUZE?
FUZE is a safe, sustainable, and permanent solution that permanently adheres to textiles and surfaces to eliminate and prevents the spread of infectious disease carrying pathogens.
FUZE has a proprietary application process that applies billions of bacteria-fighting nanoparticles of
gold and silver to any surface in a matter of seconds.
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