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3D Microscopes
3d Microscope.jpg
3D Microscope Image PPE.jpg

Experience Dentistry in True 3D. • No binocular head

• True heads-up dental display for better ergonomics
• Depth of field greater than 51mm
• Field of view wider than 110mm
• Rotate optical pod while keeping ergonomic posture
• Additional 2D and 3D outputs
• Integrated HD video capture and recording system
• Variofocus 200mm – 350mm objective lens (400mm available)
• Available mounts: floor, fixed floor, ceiling, high wall and wall
• Seamless four-handed dentistry
• Unobstructed peripheral vision
• 60 Frames per second with no latency
• Smaller learning curve
• Quicker procedures
• Improved patient awareness and raport
• Wonderful comfort, with freedom of movement and less eye fatigue
3D Microscope Training session with Dr. Jenner
Instructional Videos
3D Microscope Image 3.jpg
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