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Mobile app for infants’ cranial evaluation at the point-of care

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Early Conservative Therapy

— No Special Tools

— Highly Effective (~ 77%)

— ONLY works before 4/6 months

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Helmet Therapy

— Expensive (~ $3,000)

— Prescribed > 4-6 Months

— Cumbersome (must be worn 23 hours per day - up-to 6 months)

Overview Video
If you can measure something, you can manage it
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SoftSpot Testimony videos
Testimonial Videos

"SoftSpot is changing the way we diagnose and treat plagiocephaly. Now, we can take serial measurements and monitor the progression of the baby’s cranium and intervene early. The process is time efficient, and it generates revenue for the practice."

-Dr. Susan Sirota, MD, FAAP

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