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Alpha Air 3 ENT
Alpha Air 3
ENT Alpha Air 3 Image 1.2.jpg
Alpha Air 3 ENT.jpg
ENT Alpha Air 3 Image 1.3.jpg

The Alpha Air 3 is our most economical, high-quality ENT Microscope with 3 Levels of Magnification, Apochromatic Lenses for superior optics, standard 150,000 LUX LED illumination and a specially engineered Gas Piston Pantographic Arm for superior maneuverability. 

  • 0-220° Inclinable Binocular HeadOptional: 45° Fixed Incline Head
  •  3 Step Turret Magnification System
  •  LED Illumination + 150,000 lux
  •  10x Widefield Eyepieces with Dioptic Locks Optional: 12.5x, 16x, and 20x
  •  Objective Lens: 175mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, and 400mm Optional: Vario Focus Lens (200mm–350mm)
  •  USB and 12 VDC Power Support Directly on
       Optic Pod
  •  True Coaxial Illumination
  •  Composite and Red Free Filter Standard
  •  Large Selection of Accessories Available
  • Lifetime Warranty on Optics and Mechanics
  • Five Mounting Options Available: Floor, Wall, High Wall, Ceiling, Table Top
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Alpha Air 6 ENT
Alpha Air 6 ENT 1.2.jpg
Alpha Air 6 ENT 1.jpg

The Seiler Alpha Air 6 truly revolutionizes the way an ENT Microscope performs and operates.  The Alpha Air 6 offers six levels of magnification, Apochromatic  Lenses for superior optics, the brightest LED Illumination on the market and an exceptionally designed for superior maneuverability and performance.


  • Straight Binocular Head. Optional: 0-220° Inclinable Head and Fixed 45° Head.

  • 6 – Step Turret Magnification System.

  • LED Illumination +150,000 LUX.

  • 10x Widefield eyepieces with dioptic locks. Optional: 12.5x, 16x, and 20x.

  • Objective Lens:  175mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, and 400mm. Optional:  Vario Focus Lens ( 200mm – 350mm).

  • USB and 12 VDC power support directly on Optic Pod.

  • True Coaxial Illumination.

  • Red free filter standard.

  • Large selection of Accessories available.

  • Lifetime Warranty on Optics and Mechanics.

  • Five Mounting Options Available:  Floor, Wall, High Wall, Ceiling, Table Top.

Alpha Air 6 ENT 1.3.jpg
Alpha Air 6
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