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Kwik Vac

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Touch screen

The touch screen panel can be operated while wearing gloves.

Multi-port design

Three different sized connection ports are designed to create an air-tight bond with the desired port. The port cover cap eliminates any possible contamination with the glove when connecting the hose to the unit.

Procedure Operating Modes

The desired procedure can be set simply by touching the corresponding image. Automatically customizing suction default level based on desired surgical procedure.

Longer lasting filter life (up to 50 hours)

Could save on running costs.


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Product Description

11” X 16” Tray for use with Smoke Evacuation Unit with formed edges. Includes Clamp

Tray and clamp can support up to 36lbs and Clamp can be used with poles with diameter greater than 2 ½”

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Additional Accessories
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The advanced Hydro-Gel improves conductivity, lowers impedance, eliminates residue and minimizes the risk of pad site burn. Optimal Adhesive Strength With advance technology and research, we’ve improved the adhesion between the skin and the grounding pad. Lower Impedance With optimal Hydro-Gel, the ProPlate can safely maintain high current density Residue-Free Hydro-Gel provides maximum adhesion and leaves zero residue on the patient, mess free!

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Minimizes Risk of pad site burns ProPlate ESU grounding pads are designed and manufactured using an advanced gel overlay system to reduce the possibility of edge burn or bite.

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