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Portable and Transport Anesthesia
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OBA-1 Transport
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Fully -functional, compact, and portable anesthesia system in a lightweight package. This anesthesia system is compact enough for the smallest surgery or imaging suite and is fully portable. Easily transport by using the side handles integrated into the unit. Convenient gas ports allow clinicians to safely and efficiently set up the machine.

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  • Small and compact unit ideal for office-based anesthesia
  • Lightweight machine weighs only 35 pounds.
  • Safely used in MRI scan rooms with shielded or unshielded magnets.
  • Two gas machine (O2 & Air)
  • Side handles and self contained unit for transport
  • Holds 1 vaporizer
  • Conveniently located gas ports
  • Many ventilator options available.
  • Optional carrying case with retractable handle and casters
  • Optional mobile trolley with shelf
  • Auxiliary O2 flowmeter port
  • Also available with MRI-compatible Penlon Nuffield Ventilator
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