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LAST Disinfectant

Disinfects, sanitizes, and prevents germ growth with a durable antimicrobial protection barrier

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32 oz
1 Gallon

Provide an invisible micro-biostatic coating on surfaces to help eliminate human coronavirus, influenza, and broad spectrum bacteria with LAST Disinfectant Spray from MDL. The disinfectant will easily work on washable, hard, nonporous surfaces such as stainless steel counters, metal surfaces, desks, plastic surfaces, glazed ceramic surfaces, finished woodwork, and outdoor patio/pool furniture.

LAST Disinfectant Spray inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria that can cause staining and discoloration to surfaces and will also inhibit odor-causing algae, mold, and mildew by not only killing germs on the spot but also preventing germs from growing and going viral. This disinfectant spray reacts with the contact surface and forms an integrated system bond, creating an antimicrobial protection barrier with ion exchange and rapid polymerization that will literally spear and electrocute broad-spectrum bacteria.

This hospital-grade antimicrobial coating disinfectant can provide a large variety of businesses with a safe product that has proven protection against the growth of microbes and makes all types of surfaces an unfavorable environment for microorganisms to grow or survive. One Step disinfectant has no phosphates or phosphorus compounds and will disinfect, sanitize, and prevent future germ growth at the same time without dulling gloss stainless steel or metal surfaces.

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