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This system was first developed in 1996 and has been successfully used over 2.5 million times. Its intended use is to safely clean delicate scalpel blades and diamond knifes prior to undergoing sterilization. The time it takes to thoroughly clean the blade is less than 10 seconds when used according to these instructions

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How it Works

Simply insert the soiled blade into the blue colored, soft cleaning pad. Several motions in a cutting-like fashion will allow the gentle scrubbing to removed the soil from the blade surface and deposit it into the pad. Repeat this procedure in the two white colored rinse pads and your finished.

The Results

Sparkling clean blades ready for sterilization.


At the end of the surgical day, or when the tray has been used to its fullest extent, simply dispose of according to local regulation

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An efficient, inexpensive and safe method for cleaning tissue and other debris from the surfaces of delicate knife blades used in cataract and other precision surgical procedures prior to sterilization. Utilizing a proprietary soft foam-like material saturated with a surgical instrument cleaning detergent that loosens proteins and other deposits, along with USP grade, filtered water, the blades are safely cleaned pristine without scratching, dulling, chipping or breaking. This system eliminates the need to send knives in for periodic cleaning and sharpening.

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Click here for additional Opti Kleen Instructions

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