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Use of imported masks require 14 masks per person, per 7 days (2 masks per 8 hour day), whereas,  the POWER3 masks are reusable, only needing one mask for 7 days.
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Adult Mask w Dim.png
Kids Masks are made of biocidal properties that provide protection capabilities for going back to school safely.
POWER3 provides two types of Adult Smart Masks with biocidal properties; Sterile and Non-Sterile Masks.
Filter Mask w Dim.png
Filter Inserts provide added protection with POWER3 biocidal properties and easily fit into fashionable cloth masks.
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The spun-bonded polypropylene front layer is water repellent and fluid resistant. The Biocidal treated center layer’s super hydrophilic functionality deactivates viral particles, making it more effective than melt blown surgical-grade material. The spun-bonded polypropylene inner layer is soft to the touch and specially designed for comfort and wearing for extended periods of time.
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The 1836 N95 Particulate Respirator is a NIOSH certified (TC84A-PH20) foldable respirator. Our 5-layer design ensures protection from over 95% of airborne particles and liquids. Sourced from only the best U.S. manufacturers, our filtration media is not only extremely comfortable, but held to the highest quality standards.
The 1836 uses soft and extremely breathable materials. In fact, our testing results for inhalation and exhalation resistance are considerably less than half the max. allowable resistance set by 42 CFR Part 84. The 1836 max uses a sturdy nosepiece, which securely fastens the respirator to the user’s face, unlike many respirators which constantly need readjusting because of “rebounding”.
How to Kn95 Steps.png
1. Hold the bottom strap of the respirator using both hands, with the label facing away from you and the nosepiece facing up.
2. Place the respirator under your chin, stretch the bottom strap over your head, and place the strap below your ears.
3. Stretch and position the top band on the upper back of your head.
4. Using both hands, press the sides of the nosepiece to mold the wire to your nose.
5. Test the fit. To test the seal of your respirator
1) cup both hands over the respirator being careful not to disturb the position 2) Take several large exhales. If air leaks around the edges, reposition the straps or adjust strap tension for a better fit. If you cannot achieve a proper seal, do not enter the contaminated area. See your supervisor.
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Each 1836 N95 particulate respirator is individually inspected and wrapped. The 1836 N95 is currently sold in a 20- pack configuration (UPC 860004576105) and packaged in a carton of 27 boxes.
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