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Suture Removal Tool

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Clinicians & Patients love SutureOut because it's faster & easier, more comfortable, and less wasteful than conventional disposable suture removal tools.

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Improve throughput, outcomes, and reduce environmental impact with this simple tool.

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Faster: Enables safe cutting of sutures from outside the suture loop, making suture removal much faster for the caregiver, increasing efficiency and patient throughput.    

Easier: Eliminates the need to get inside the suture, which is especially difficult with tightly-tied knots and embedded sutures, making suture removal much easier for the clinician.

Hygienic: Allows the practitioner to collect removed sutures right on the tool's integrated tacky surface, reducing cleanup time wile supporting hygienic practices and better infection control protocols.

Increase Patient Comfort: Dramatically reduces the amount of tension placed on the suture and is less intimidating than scissors and scalpels, making suture removal significantly more comfortable for the patient. 

Cuts Disposal Costs: One SutureOut tool weighs less than 1 gram and is 95% lighter than scissors, providing a major savings on sharps disposal. 

Eco- Friendly: SutureOut is comprised of 95% recyclable, degradable material, supporting sustainability, clean-med, and medical waste reduction initiatives at your facility.

Why Switch?

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SutureOne Removal Kit


  • Sterile SutureOut Tool

  • Disposable Plastic Forceps

  • 4x4 Gauze

  • Box of 50

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  • Sterile SutureOut Tool

  • Box of 50

Photo of 85-4332 SS forceps.jpg


  • Sterile SutureOut Tool

  • Disposable Stainles Steel Forceps

  • 4x4 Gauze

  • Box of 50

3 Kit Options

Suture Out Logo.jpg
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