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Checkme O2 Pro

Wireless Wrist Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Studies

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Wearable Continuous SpO2 measure
 - Continuous recording of SpO2, Pulse Rate, and active
Overnight Spo2 Recorder
  - Overnight recording of SpO2 and Pulse Rate
  - Valuable information for OSA care
  - Comfortable sensor
Patented Ring Sensor
  - Comfortable and soft

The Viatom Checkme O2 Pro is the next generation pulse oximeter for overnight

monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate. Compatible with PC-Download, for complete report printout. The pulse oximeter uses a rechargeable battery and uses a revolutionary patented ‘ring’ pulse oximeter, for the best patient experience we have encountered.

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The Viatom Checkme O2 Pro is the next generation wrist-worn pulse oximeter. Designed from the bottom up for the best patient experience, with a simple wrist strap, single button, and download cable, this device is easy to use and to clean. The reusable ring sensor is the device’s secret weapon- incredibly comfortable, your patient will probably forget they are wearing a monitoring device at all.
• Four night recording memory
• Easy-to-clean, reusable ring sensor
• Rechargeable battery
• Compatible with PC-Download
• Soft, comfortable silicone wrist strap
• Nail polish? No problem! Sensor fits around base of thumb away from nails
Check Me O2 Pro Image.png
Viatom Logo.png
Check Me O2 Pro Image 2.png

Part Number : VIAPRO-01

Includes the following:
Wrist oximetry monitor with ring sensor and vibration Sleep mode, Monitor mode, Bluetooth, APP, PC soft-ware

Small, light, with 24 hours battery and room for four recordings. Bluetooth Compatible with smartphones for real time display and recordings.

Patented Ring sensor (included) never comes off the patient’s thumb, is comfortable and soft, and should lead to a better night’s sleep than previous devices.

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