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Infinium Monitors
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Weighing in at less than 6 LBS the portable Omni
Express VS is well suited for any patient care area
by offering a multitude of vital sign combinations.
The Omni Express VS can be used as a simple Spo2/
NIPB monitor for continual bedside measurement
or Spo2/NIPB/Rapid temperature for quick vital
sign spot checks. EtCO2 can also be added to
recreate the Omni Express VS into a bedside or
spot check Capnograph.

Touch Screen Image.PNG

Simplifies clinician use by incorporating a touch screen with an easy-to-use software interface. A lithium Ion Battery is also incorporated and a 3 channel recorder can
be added. Nellcor Oximax™ SpO2 and Suntech™
blood pressure can also be added as options.

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